our services

We qualify, screen and engage with
top candidates.

Search and outreach is our primary method of delivery, we fill at least 80% of our roles using this method. After taking a detailed brief of our client’s requirements we work hard to identify and engage with suitably qualified candidates to build a short-list of unique candidates, who are able to understand your market and customer type.


Our aim is to qualify, screen and engage with top performers and to enlist them into our client’s selection process. Our objective is always to ensure that our client has a wider set of options than just those active job seekers in their market.

Why search works.
It's not about jobs it's about people!

Search works because the thing that top performers think about more than anything else (besides being effective in their roles) is developing themselves and their careers. The initial consultation in a search assignment is always a discussion about that person’s career objectives and gap analysis of where they are now and where they would like to be (and never job pitch!). This is a conversation that our target audience is receptive to.


If the person’s objectives line up with what the job can reasonably deliver, then we can move forwards to a discussion about the role and screen them for the position.