How to quit your job without burning any bridges

New job? Excited to join your new company?  Dreading handing in your notice?  Handing in your resignation is never an easy conversation to have, so the more prepared you are the better.  Here are our top 10 tips to resigning professionally: #1 Do not go into your resignation meeting without having fully made up your […]

“You can’t win anything with kids” Alan Hanson

Alan Hansen is known for coining the phrase “you can’t win anything with kids“, having made the remark following Manchester United’s 3–1 defeat to Villa on the opening day of the 1995–96 Premier League season. The remark, Hansen later admitted had pretty much made his career as a media pundit. United famously proved Hansen wrong […]

Is flexible working the future?

Sitting at a desk in an office from 9 to 5 is no longer the default; the face of the global workforce is changing and with it are its needs. This highly skilled, flexible-working trend has employer repercussions… make sure your company embraces the demand for flexible working and reaps the rewards. Employers may find […]

Everything you need to know about – Competency-based interviews

Competency-based interviews use behavioural or situational questions which aim to find out how you have used specific skills in your previous experience and how you approach problems, tasks and challenges. Estimates indicate that a third to a half of all employers are using competency interviews as part of their recruitment process. Large graduate employers are […]

The 8 signs of a really good salesperson

What makes a really good salesperson? Here we bring you the 8 signs to look out for: #1 Focused on results – There are often two different kinds of employees within the workplace: those who are performance minded and those who are results focused. You want your salesperson to be focused on results – someone […]

8 Benefits of Collaborative Hiring

Traditional hiring focuses solely on the individual and misses many of the benefits of collaborative recruiting, which is becoming one of the hottest recruiting trends in 2019. Collaborative hiring is a team-based hiring method that typically involves a multi-stage interview process, allowing the candidate to meet most of the team they’d be working with. Although this […]

How to make your Company talent-worthy

#1 Clarify your core values – talent values transparency and shared purpose Company values not only shape the identity of your Company, they act as a beacon for your employees. So, make sure your core values represent the essence of your business. Prospective employees need to understand how their specific abilities and values align with […]