Temporary staff when you need them

Need staff urgently?

There’ll be times when you need staff urgently, whether due to employee absences, seasonal demands, the need for a specialist approach or a change in company direction. Temps, interims and professional contractors provide many advantages and benefits over permanent staff and are well worth considering:

Temps, interims and professional contractors:

  1. can start almost immediately, having an immediate impact on your company
  2. will come in with fresh perspectives, making them ideally placed for problem solving
  3. bring a level of specialist expertise to a project with unique skillsets
  4. offer a great deal of flexibility
  5. are very cost effective
  6. can help boost morale in the office
  7. may be an ideal full time addition to your company after the contract ends

Hiring a temp is a great option for many companies and here at ETS we source quality temporary talent to many companies in the areas of commercial, technical and technical support.

We believe in quality and value

We are an accredited Living Wage Employer because we believe that a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay – one that is in line with real living costs – whether temporary or permanent.