Tech Connect: the monthly round up from ETS Technical

Tech Connect is your monthly round up of the latest information that impacts SMEs in engineering, IT, Scientific and Technical Sales.  Previous issues are listed below and you can subscribe  through the link in the footer of our website.

April 2019 Newsletter

In this issue

SMEs predict UK recession as Brexit bites | No-deal Brexit: Impact on employment law | Salary survey for key positions

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March 2019 Newsletter

In this issue

Key salary survey trends | Minimum wage review | In the dark about Brexit | Onboarding processes becoming critical to success

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February 2019 Newsletter

In this issue:

Key salary survey findings | Employment at highest rate ever | The importance of employee benefits | SMEs and technology | The rising threat of unhappiness at work

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January 2019 Newsletter

No-one could have predicted the shocks and chaos that the beginning of 2019 has brought us.  In this month’s newsletter we bring you the latest SME, labour market and industry news.

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December 2018 Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter, we review the key challenges faced by recruiting teams in engineering, manufacturing, IT and SMEs. We also bring you news on 2019: the fight for emerging talent, what skills engineers of the future need and how other SMEs feel about the new year.

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November 2018 Newsletter

In this issue: SMEs create 3x more jobs | 2018’s most impressive engineering feats | Tech industry gender imbalance predictions | The rising demand of voice tech skills

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