Why working with an Engineering Recruitment Agency is a win-win

Does your shortlist look a little like this?  If so, read on to find out how we can help you.

What we both know

  • The market is tough
  • There are many unsuitable candidates out there
  • The recruitment process is stressful, expensive and time consuming
  • There are more recruitment agencies than suitable candidates to choose from!
  • People are what make, or break, a business
  • Not filling that vacancy is not an option

What you need to know about us

With so many recruitment agencies to choose from, what makes us different is how and why we do what we do (plus all of the extras we have to offer you to make sure that your shortlist looks nothing like the picture above)! You can find dozens of short how to video clips on our resources for employers page or download the latest round up of technical news in Tech Connect. We also have specific information on hiring temporary staff, for times when you’re really up against a deadline.

Here we want to be as transparent as possible in showing you how we do what we do: our process, the ETS Way.

First off, we’ll take a detailed job specification from you. Be warned, we’ll ask lots of questions at this stage so that we totally understand and respect what you’re aiming to achieve. Starting off on the same page is crucial to success in this process.  We’ll agree a plan of action, and terms, with you so you can know what to expect from us (oh, and look out for your ‘welcome on board’ pack that’ll wing its way to your desk).

It only takes one good candidate to fill a position.  It’s then over to us to find you that person. Whilst you get on with your day job, your consultant will create screening criteria and questions to identify suitable candidates, will post a job advert on all the major job boards and social media platforms and will work with the whole ETS crew to search through our extensive portfolio of high quality candidates.  We work as a team; there are no quick wins for our consultants.

We’ll conduct thorough screening interviews with candidates to ensure that they meet the necessary criteria that you need.  During this interview, we’ll also confidentially brief the candidate on your identity.  We never send speculative CVs; we only ever send candidates to you that are verified, legitimate and who want to work for your company.  You can expect quality CVs, not quantity CVs from us and with each CV we send over, we’ll consult and finetune the brief with you.

We know that someone will have spiked your interest by now, so we’ll arrange interviews, references, 2nd interviews and psychometric tests as needed. Then it’s over to you. And we’ll continue searching and sending you quality candidates until you find the gem, the one you’ve been waiting for.  The final stage is the process for most recruitment companies is placement.  There’s more to expect from us. Once congratulations have been given, and your new person is onboarding within your team, you can rely on the fact that support doesn’t stop when your guarantee stops. We’re here for the long haul. Take a look at our client testimonials to find out why we’re considered the ‘all-round legends’.

Aim higher.

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