How to differentiate yourself from other companies and attract more staff

According to a study from LinkedIn, companies with a strong employer brand attract 50% more qualified applicants, experience a 28% reduction in turnover, cut their hiring time in half and spend 50% less on hiring costs. Got your attention?  Then, read on for our top 7 ways to differentiate yourself from other companies and build a strong employer brand:

#1 Provide Legendary Customer Service

Around 75% of customers state that they consider customer service a true test of a company’s competence so treat your customers like royalty, even if you are not in the service industry. Every company has customers and every customer has access to social media!

#2 Embrace Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility should be high on your agenda – especially if you are wanting to attract millennials, who look for strong morals in the companies that they choose to work for. CSF programs not only help society but also help companies to stay in customers’ minds, improve goodwill, and often bring in more revenue.

#3 Start a Blog

If you’re seeking a fresh way to share ideas and have your voice heard, then get involved with corporate blogging. Insightful, entertaining and educational content will attract the right kind of staff as well as show the world what your company is all about.

#4 Get Friendly with Glassdoor

Encourage your employees to use Glassdoor – in fact you could make it part of your onboarding process.  As Glassdoor’s own user guide for employers recommends, “improve your candidate recruiting process with a visible concern for your company’s culture and human resources by showing, through actions, that you are listening to what the employees say.”

#5 Be a Presence in Your Industry 

Develop a strong reputation among competitors in your sector—and more importantly the people they employ—by having a consistent presence at your industry’s major conferences, conventions, and events – as well as a strong online presence.

#6 Invest in Employee Engagement

Remember that your existing employees are your walking, talking brand ambassadors. What kind of message are they delivering? The more you invest in their professional engagement, the stronger the ambassador they will be. Gallup’s most recent report found that businesses with highly engaged employees experienced 17% higher productivity and 21% higher profitability than their non-engaged counterparts. Absenteeism was 41% lower and turnover was reduced by anywhere from 24% to 59%, depending on the type of company.

#7 Turn Employees into An Asset

Consider offering an anonymous, all-staff survey to gauge employees’ perception of the company and gather feedback on opportunities for improvement. Communicate the findings and then tell your staff what you’re doing as a result. By engaging and mobilising your existing staff, you can help them spread the word about you by advertising your open positions internally so that they can connect you with the right people in their network.


Good luck with differentiating yourself.  If you need help to find some great talent, give one of the team a call on 08700 702246.