The 8 signs of a really good salesperson

What makes a really good salesperson? Here we bring you the 8 signs to look out for:

#1 Focused on results –
There are often two different kinds of employees within the workplace: those who are performance minded and those who are results focused. You want your salesperson to be focused on results – someone who truly eats, sleeps and breathes results.

#2 Low compliance –
As a result of being focused on results, a really good salesperson will also not have an issue with changing the process to get to their desired outcome. Expect rules to be bent or broken to meet their goals.

#3 Ability to build empathy –
A really good salesperson is an expert at engaging others to help them. Their ability to build empathy is incredibly strong and they find it easy to connect with others.

#4 Great understanding of motives –
Behind the empathy and relationship building, however, is a canny ability to assess someone’s true motives. This understanding means that they will quickly drop unlikely buyers and focus more on those customers whose motives will end in a sale.

#5 Conscientiousness –
A key sign of a really good salesperson is their level of conscientiousness. They will often set themselves high standards and will strive hard to reach those self-imposed expectations.

#6 Learning and improving –
Another sign is the drive for continual personal growth and learning, combining with expertise in self-measuring and self-managing.

#7 Accepting of failure –
Setbacks are inevitable in the world of sales. A really good salesperson will not sulk when failure happens; instead they will dust themselves down and get back on the horse…

#8 Devotion –
Perhaps the most important sign of a really good salesperson is their level of devotion. The more they believe in what they are selling, the more effective they will be in this role.

How does your sales team measure up to these 8 signs? If your team is needing a makeover, give one of our team a call. We specialize in finding really good salespeople.