8 Benefits of Collaborative Hiring

Traditional hiring focuses solely on the individual and misses many of the benefits of collaborative recruiting, which is becoming one of the hottest recruiting trends in 2019. Collaborative hiring is a team-based hiring method that typically involves a multi-stage interview process, allowing the candidate to meet most of the team they’d be working with. Although this method of hiring is more time consuming than traditional hiring, there are 8 key benefits of collaborative hiring that are worth considering:

1 Avoid tunnel vision

Hiring collaboratively will give diverse and wide-ranging perspectives on how potential candidates measure up to expectations, and what problems could occur in the future.

2 Reduce the chance of bad hires

The fact that co-workers are involved in the hiring process also means they have a vested interest in ensuring the new hire is successful. This drastically decreases the risk of bad hires and will ensure that your new hire is a cultural fit.

3 Attract more talent

The team around you is what makes up your company, and they can be great salespeople to new hires for your company.

4 Improve candidate experience

Although at first potentially daunting, collaborative hiring will allow more team members to meet the candidate and share their experience of working at the company.  Candidates will trust your employees and anything they say will be seen as more genuine than the corporate message that your traditional hiring manager may promote.

5 Enable referrals

As your team members become more familiar with the recruitment process, it’s easier for them to refer people they know. Employee referrals are one of the most cost-effective ways of recruiting.

6 Improve employee retention and engagement

Collaborative hiring creates a more transparent hiring environment which directly impacts on employee engagement. Having your entire team more involved in such a business-critical activity as hiring the right people can make them feel valued and engaged.

7 Limit unconscious bias

Team-based hiring is a great solution that limits the impact of unconscious bias and will make sure your company is diverse and inclusive.

8 Improve the on-boarding process

When your employees have a say in a new hire, they also feel “ownership” of that hire. This sense of responsibility will ensure that there is ample assistance, support and training for the new hire. Additionally, the new hire will step into the role with more confidence, because they have already made relationships with the team they will be working with.


By hiring collaboratively, you’ll be creating a more engaging, culture-building recruitment process that positively impacts on your whole organisation.