How to make your Company talent-worthy

#1 Clarify your core values – talent values transparency and shared purpose
Company values not only shape the identity of your Company, they act as a beacon for your employees. So, make sure your core values represent the essence of your business. Prospective employees need to understand how their specific abilities and values align with company core values so the more clarity you have about what makes you unique, the more talent-worthy you will be.

#2 Unite your team through strong branding
Talent gravitates to a strong sense of identity. It is human nature to want to fit in and to belong, to be part of something larger than ourselves. Working for a brand that is reputable and help in high regard amongst the public makes working for that company more enjoyable and fulfilling. If you unite your team through strong branding, your employees will take pride in the association of working for you.

#3 Be active on social media
Let’s face it social media is taking over the world. If you want your company to be talent-worthy, you need to be active on social media – capturing employees at work through vivid photographs, videos and content that will attract talent. Presence is attractive to talent and shows you as talent-worthy.

#4 Be up to date with new tech trends
Talent loses patience with companies that are out of date. A much-admired employer is up to date with new tech trends and uses technology to reach talent and offer mobile accessibility to applicants. Try not to get left behind your competitors by not following tech trends.

#5 Demonstrate diversity and inclusion
Talent welcomes an inclusive and fair workplace. So, organizations must demonstrate how diversity aligns with organizational goals.

#6 Invest in your culture
Good company culture makes employees happier and more engaged. Culture is what happens when the CEO leaves the room (according to Harvard Business Review). A strong company culture goes both ways when it comes to recruiting: it can help your company better identify strong fits that mesh with your existing team and it informs hiring criteria, which can steer your decision-making when choosing between qualified applicants.

#7 Deliver a personalized experience
Companies that genuinely care about their employees invest in learning who their employees are, what matters to them, and what are their personal needs in order to produce great work. These three items are the foundation to personalizing the work experience. Think people, not process.


If you follow these 7 tips, you will have a great chance of attracting the best talent. Still need help? Call one of our friendly team!