Why you should always be recruiting

Building an all-star team is one of the greatest challenges a hiring leader will face. After all, a company can’t be successful without talented people.

Although talent acquisition is the most important challenge companies need to solve in 2019, most companies still choose to recruit reactively, waiting for someone to hand in their notice before advertising a new position…

However, the best time to think about adding someone to your team is when it’s not imperative that you have that spot filled today.  World-class organizations adopt the Always Be Recruiting principle because the truth is, there’s rarely a bad time to hire the best talent!

Here are our top 5 reasons to Always Be Recruiting:

#1 You’ll hire the best person (not just the best talent that happens to be available at the time)

#2 You’ll be prepared for the unexpected (which is good as you never know when you’re going to need to fill a position)

#3 You can involve the team (it’s important to foster a culture of year-round recruiting & employee engagement)

#4 You can gain fresh ideas and knowledge (keep up to date with latest industry trends and inspire ideas for development)

#5 You’ll improve your own interview skills (after all, it takes practice to become a great interviewer)

Your goal should be HOW to hire that candidate, not when. Don’t always play catch up! It is not productive.