8 ways to improve your talent acquisition success

Everybody agrees that it is a candidate’s market out there (more jobs than candidates) so it is even more important that you optimise your recruitment process than ever before. Here we give you 8 easy ways to improve your talent acquisition success.

#1 Don’t post vague job adverts
You need to capture someone’s attention in such a short space of time in today’s world.  Don’t be vague – keep job adverts focused, simple and potent.  Also, bear in mind that today’s job seekers prioritise job security, flexible working, career prospects and company culture.

#2 Make it easy for talent to apply on the go
We’re living in a fast paced world where processes need to be easy, fast and streamlined.  Did you know that one third of job seekers won’t spend more than 15 minutes filling out a job application?  The easier you make the application process, the more talent you will have applying.

#3 Prepare for the interview
This may seem an obvious one but we’re all busy and it’s easy to forget that an interview is a 2 way experience.  A poor experience during interview almost guarantees a rejected offer.  The more prepared you are, the more present you can be with the candidate and the greater the impression you will make.

#4 Reduce your need for repetitive interviews
Let’s face it, interview after interview can be monotonous and grueling.  We recommend shaking it up a little – by integrating video interviews or bringing more of your company’s personality to the interview process.

#5 Don’t take too long to make a decision
According to officevibe.com, qualified candidates are only on the market for 10 days so it’s imperative that you make a decision and communicate it to the candidate as soon as possible. Holding off for the perfect fit may cause you to lose many a great candidate….

#6 Don’t oversell the job
Expectations can be a deal breaker with new staff. If you’ve oversold the job, they will start on day 1 and be quickly despondent as the rose tinted glasses get shattered!  Make sure that you always offer transparency and communicate regularly during onboarding to ensure that the reality actually matches expectations.

#7 Prioritise engagement
Don’t leave talent in the dark about the next steps. This is one of the biggest turn-offs for candidates.  No matter where you are in the talent acquisition process, keep candidates engaged by regularly communicating and/or involving them in company news.

#8 Keep up to date with emerging interview trends.
The landscape of recruiting is changing and it pays to keep up to date with emerging interview trends.  Predictions of global recruiting trends, according to LinkedIn, include a move towards interviews taking place in a more casual setting (such as a meal), job auditions which observe candidates in action (such as a paid work trial) and the use of virtual reality to evaluate skills in a standardized manner.

Even implementing 2 or 3 of the above top tips will have an impact on your recruitment process and successful talent acquisition.  Good luck!