The Recruitment Headache

Recruitment has been named as one of the most difficult challenges faced by growing businesses. Not only is there a continuous battle for talent (which doesn’t seem to be easing at any time soon), the stark facts listed below show the reality of what you face when you are recruiting.

1 Your ideal candidate is probably not even looking for a job!
This is one of the biggest hurdles in recruitment. How do you reach the best talent for your company when they are not actively searching for a new role? The easiest answer is to use a recruitment company who will have an extensive database of talent in their pool to send your way. Other ways include broadcasting on social media, coming up with some very creative advertising solutions and encouraging employee referrals.

2 Hiring the wrong candidate is very costly.
When you make a bad hire, the whole company suffers – and the cost can be significant and have huge repercussions. The presence of poor performers can cause your best people to seek employment elsewhere, it can undermine company culture, it can impact on your customer service and it will most certainly impact on your profit margins. Here at ETS Technical Selection, we work hard to get the perfect fit for you.

3 Hiring is time consuming.
Recruiting is time consuming (it can take months before that elusive candidate turns up) so as you embark on hiring people don’t expect it to happen overnight. Also don’t start your recruitment process the day before you need someone! Planning in advance and getting the support of an agency will save you time.

4 Recruitment is never ending
Successful businesses recognize that recruiting is a process, not an event. They anticipate the loss of a key employee and have a pipeline of candidates ready to go.

5 Hiring is stressful
There’s no easy way around it—the hiring process is stressful because not only does it take you away from your important day-to-day duties, it could also result in a direct hit to your productivity and bottom line if you end up hiring the wrong person for the job.

With ETS Technical, you’ll get a risk-free solution, peace of mind and a 100% guarantee.